Why Many Patients May Be Reluctant To Visit Their Dentist In Kings Hill?

Patients may refrain from paying a visit to their local dental practice for a multitude of reasons, one of which may be due to a dental phobia. A dental phobia, despite many people’s misconceptions, is in fact extremely common in patients facing dental treatment, and often stems from negative childhood experiences within a dental environment. Apart from varying levels of dental anxiety a person might be subject to, patients may also feel as if they are not in a financial position to receive dental treatments. However many modern dental clinics now offer 0% interest, payment plans. Payment plans can dramatically lift the burden of dental bills, making it even easier for patients to achieve their desired smile. Aside from financial concerns, many patients may believe their dental hygiene routine is adequate, and therefore may not be aware of the need for a dental check-up.

The importance of attending a dental-check up

During a dental check-up, a dental healthcare professional may administer several standardised dental treatments, in order to ensure a patient has a good level of oral hygiene, and dental health. During a dental check-up, the aim is to determine any symptoms which could develop into more serious dental diseases or dental infections. Aside from the detection of negative symptoms, a dentist may also administer an oral cancer screening, which can be vital in preventing the development of mouth cancer.

Dental education

Patients with a good level of dental knowledge may be less prone to developing dental issues. Education is another key aspect of a dental check-up, a dentist can educate a patient in the correct way to maintain a good dental hygiene routine, helping to prevent any unnecessary tartar or plaque.

What to expect from an appointment

Many individuals may not be aware of what to expect at a dental check-up, however a check-up contains many important standard dental treatments, such as a scale and polish. Aside from a scale and polish (a rigorous cleaning treatment which strives to remove the plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth), a series of examinations may be recommended. An overall assessment of the gums, teeth, and mouth can help patients prevent the development of gum disease (to name just one dental example). Apart from an overall examination, a dentist may ask the patient of any lifestyle factors that may have changed in their life, such as taking up smoking, or an increase in consumption of alcohol, as well as a change in medication, such as antibiotics.

Feeling nervous about attending a dental check-up?

Patients who may feel anxious at the thought of the dentist may find it extremely difficult attending a dental appointment, they may even avoid it altogether. Avoiding dental appointments is not uncommon, however it can be detrimental to a patient’s dental health. Patients who do feel nervous at the thought of paying their dentist a visit, may find it helpful to speak to a dental healthcare professional prior to their visit. During an initial consultation, a patient may be able to discuss their queries or concerns with a dentist, who may then recommend some coping strategies or treatments, such as sedation.