What Can I Expect From A Dentist In Southgate?

Based in the London borough of Enfield, Southgate is a suburban area of north London with a history that dates back to 1370. Upon the arrival of the Piccadilly line in 1933, the area was soon built with new houses and shops for residents. Nowadays the town centre is filled with bars, shops and restaurants as well as a beautiful surrounding of green space. Southgate is now considered a popular residence for couples and families. So, if you or your family need dental treatment, why not visit a dentist in Southgate?

When you visit a dentist in Southgate, you can expect high quality customer service from our family run practice as we strive to provide the highest quality and service to each patient’s care. Known to provide exemplary treatment to families for over a number of years, dentists based in Southgate are known to be dedicated professionals which allows them to form long lasting relationships with their patients who are always willing to visit them for their dental treatments.

You can have a new patient exam for just £44. This exam includes a 30 minute appointment with a team of dental professionals where an assessment of your teeth and gums and also oral cancer screening. In addition to this, the dentist will also provide you  with bespoke advice on how to take care of your teeth and gums and also providing advice for nervous patients.

Some dentists can also provide hypnotherapy and personal coaching services for patients who may be nervous and anxious about their upcoming dental treatments, with the aim of providing a relaxing environment for patients to feel comfortable and de-stress.

Available treatments 

There are a number of cosmetic treatments available for patients based in Southgate.

Over the years, teeth can be stained by a number of different reasons. If you are an avid tea, coffee or red wine drinker, your teeth can become darker. Age can also contribute to an individual’s teeth becoming darker.

If you would like to have a brighter smile, teeth whitening may be an option. A popular treatment, it is a fast and affordable way of enhancing a person’s smile by making teeth brighter. It is also a safe procedure that can be used as a stand alone option or alongside other treatments.

 Premium Teeth Whitening 

Once you have expressed to the dentist in Southgate you would like the teeth whitening treatment following the consultation, you will be advised with the most suitable treatment.

Enlighten is considered to be one of the best whitening treatments. A new procedure, Enlighten combines a home and in surgery whitening system by using specially designed ‘super sealed trays’. Mould will be taken of your mouth which will be made into these trays and they will be ready to collect after a few weeks on the fitting appointment.

At this appointment, your dentist in Southgate will demonstrate how to use the whitening gel and the trays whilst also making sure the trays for correctly. You will also start a desensitising treatment where you will be sown how to use the home sensitising products included in the premium whitening treatment. In addition to this, you will be provided with information on how to take care of your teeth whilst undergoing the treatment.