What Are Dental Implants And Why Might I Choose To Undergo Dental Implants In Melbourne?

Dental implants are essentially small titanium screws (typically less than one centimetre thick) that are drilled into the skull, to essentially replace the root of the missing natural tooth. Dental implants can be used to support either single dental implants, or ‘All-on-four’ dental implants, bridges, and dentures. Individuals who choose to undergo dental implants may have lost teeth through an incident or health problems.

Are there different types of dental implants in Melbourne?

One type (and maybe the more common,and frequently thought of dental implant) is a single dental implant in Melbourne. Having one missing tooth within the mouth can cause less of an issue than having multiple missing teeth within the mouth. Having teeth missing can cause extreme discomfort, as well as causing difficulty to speak, eat, and maintain dental hygiene, such as brushing and flossing. A single dental implant is essentially a root, abutment, and a porcelain crown. Porcelain crowns are matched to the original shade and shape of your natural teeth, hence the natural appearance.

Can I get a dental implant in Melbourne on the same day?

We fully understand that your appearance matters, and having a missing tooth can knock your self-confidence. Having a special event can mean you may need to fix your missing tooth as quickly as possible, hence why same day dental implants may be ideal for you.

Restoring your natural teeth is the aim in undergoing any dental implant, hence why dental implants do not damage surrounding teeth. Dental implants can be adhered on the same day the tooth is extracted, meaning only one surgery is required. Immediate dental procedures may be undergone once your dental health care professional has assessed and determined the bone surrounding the teeth, and the severity of your dental case (including the healing capabilities of your gums). During your surgery, your new implant may be placed immediately with a bone grafting material, if the bone surrounding the implant is in good condition. Temporary crowns may also be placed if you need a quick fix, as well as an abutment and a crown (6-12 weeks after, once the bone has grown and healed).

What are All-on-four dental implants in Melbourne?

These forms of dental implants can be a welcoming alternative to dentures, as they are a more long-term, as well as more comfortable and convenient, alternative. Porcelain teeth are rested on only four dental implants, providing a high level of stability. CT scans use a high level of technology in order to decipher where the dental implants should be placed. Every dental or orthodontic treatment will have a varying healing time and dental implants take roughly around six months. A temporary bridge will be placed after the dental implants are inserted, then the All on four dental implant will be added permanently later on.

What if I feel nervous when undergoing dental surgery?

When experiencing dental scenarios, many patients may feel anxious or nervous, however sedation is available for patients, so they are unaware when undergoing dental surgery.