Seeking A Reputable Dentist In Mackay For A Quality Smile On The Queensland Coast?

Heart of the community

Situated in the heart of Queensland’s tropical coastline, surrounded on both sides by one of the only blue water rivers in the region, lies the city of Mackay.

Historically renowned for its sugar and mining industries, it is today a well sought after region for families, travellers and expats alike for its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. Along with all the local natural wonders, Mackay is also home to many of Queensland’s most reputable and highly esteemed dental practices. Anyone who is seeking a reliable, reputable dentist in Mackay, will find their needs met and surpassed by the city’s numerous professional practices.

Cosmetically clever

Some of the most popular procedures which are made available through the numerous practices, are procedures which are known as ‘cosmetic dentistry’. These encompass a multitude of different treatments, but are typically categorised as anything which is performed to purely enhance and improve the overall aesthetics of a patient’s smile, rather than solve any structural issue. Issues such as stained or discoloured teeth, and teeth which are slightly misaligned can be corrected through cosmetic dentistry. Treatments of this sort can have a massively positive effect on the self-esteem of those who seek them, as they restore patients with the renewed ability to smile without any fear of potential embarrassment.

Shining like the sun

One of the most popular methods of cosmetic dentistry within the Mackay area is teeth whitening. This is a procedure which is designed to eradicate superficial damage to a patient’s teeth, and leave them with a whiter, healthier looking smile.

Over the years, a patient’s lifestyle choices can often impact the whiteness of their teeth. Through smoking, drinking tea, coffee or red wine, or from taking certain medications, the enamel on a patient’s teeth can become dull and yellow. As such, an increasing number of patients are seeking tooth whitening treatment to address this.

The process of teeth whitening initially consists of a mould of a patient’s teeth being created, before a retainer is created from this mould. Into this retainer, a peroxide based bleaching agent is spread, and the retainer is then applied directly to the patient’s teeth. When worn, the peroxide bleaching agent cleans the superficial damage and stains from the patient’s teeth, leaving them with a healthier, whiter looking smile.

Bridging the gaps

In addition to tooth whitening, another popular method of cosmetic dentistry which is available in the Mackay district is the installation of dental implants. These are only generally suitable for in instances where teeth have been lost or damaged, and act as a prosthetic solution to gaps within a patient’s mouth. The process of installing dental implants consists initially of drilling a small hole into the patient’s gum, where the missing tooth or teeth should be. Thereafter, a titanium socket is inserted and left to fuse within the patient’s jawbone. After a brief healing period, a replica tooth constructed from porcelain or plastic is then fixed in place, and thus the gap is firmly and permanently bridged with a virtually indistinguishable, good as new tooth.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.