How to Know When It Is Time to See A Dentist

Most people stay current with their doctor appointments but aren’t as responsible when it comes to visiting the dentist. You can often gauge a person’s health by paying attention to the appearance of their mouth. Issues such as rotten teeth and bad breath are not only unappealing but are also indications of oral decline. Here are a few other signs that it is time to schedule a dentist appointment.

You Are Now Experiencing Localized Pain

Toothaches are not only debilitating at times, but they also can indicate a larger problem. Taking painkillers for prolonged periods to mask the pain can be detrimental to the body, so it is best to have a dentist identify and treat the underlying cause. If the pain shifts from the teeth to the head or neck, you could be experiencing a medical emergency.

Your Gums Are Beginning to Cause You Problems

Our gums deserve more attention than what we usually show them. If you experience bleeding, tenderness, or redness of the gums, it is time to see a dentist immediately. This could be a sign of periodontal disease, an infection that can lead to the loss of your teeth. Also, look out for receding gums as they too are a sign of gum disease.

You Have A Loose or Broken Tooth

Once your adult teeth have grown in, you should not be expecting any more visits from the tooth fairy. Your teeth can loosen due to poor diet or trauma; however, a loose tooth can also be caused by gum disease or oral cancer. Chipped teeth are often overlooked or only tended to for cosmetic reasons, but it is wise to get them checked out to prevent nerve damage or an infection.

Your Teeth Aren’t as Attractive

If your pearly whites don’t shine as bright anymore, it is time to find out why. Our diets and lifestyle choices have a strong impact on our oral health. If we don’t tend to our teeth properly, there is a good chance that we will experience yellowing of the teeth, cavities, tartar, tooth decay, and maybe even tooth loss. You may even want to consider dental implants katy tx.

You Are Experiencing A Foul Odor or Taste

Having morning breath is one thing, but if a thorough brush, floss, and rinse aren’t enough to get the job done, you may be a victim of an untreated medical condition, such as gum disease or a lung infection. More commonly, halitosis is caused by poor dental hygiene and bacteria buildup. Also, note that certain medications may cause an unpleasant odor. Learn more about what can be causing your mouth to wreak.

Brushing and flossing daily makes for a practical hygiene regimen, but it does not take the place of a routine check-up. It is a good practice to visit the dentist every six months. Don’t wait until your next dental emergency to make an appointment. Take care of your mouth now.