Debunking myths surrounding teeth whitening

A beautiful smile reflects friendliness and warmth. An eye-catching smile also gives an excellent first impression. And, for some careers, it can be the line between being hired for a job position and failing the interview. No one wants to have an unappealing smile because it can also affect their confidence and self-esteem.

That is probably why teeth whitening procedures are among the most performed cosmetic treatments locally. Millions of people use whitening treatment services every year. Unfortunately, some people are still stuck with discolored teeth, thanks to some misconceptions.

These myths have discouraged some people from undergoing a teeth whitening procedure. The good news is that they are just that: misconceptions. By inviting patients to understand the reality of teeth whitening, they can prepare themselves for how to best get a beautiful white smile for themselves.

What are some of the myths?

Patients have been discouraged from undergoing teeth whitening because they believe it is painful or uncomfortable. Professional teeth whitening treatment is carried out by a trained dentist in Stevenage. A possibility that a person may experience some discomfort may be if they have pre-existing dental problems such as cavities or allergies. The dentist will always first examine their patients for such conditions before taking them in for the treatment.

Teeth will not remain whitened forever. The truth is that the colour change after teeth whitening treatment is permanent. However, the ageing process doesn’t remain constant. Consequently, teeth will continue to discolour. Therefore, patients will require some frequent touch-ups to maintain the whitening for a longer period.

Several whitening toothpastes have recently drawn the attention of the consumer. Nothing is wrong with these products, however, the truth is that they are not strong enough to give immediate and significant results. They are better used as a means to maintain a white smile, rather than a whitening system to begin with. Stain breakdown only takes place after a product is in contact with your teeth. Therefore, patients might get frustrated or wait for a long time if they only rely on these products.

Whitening procedures can only be used on natural teeth and therefore have no effect on crowns or porcelain caps on teeth. Patients should be aware of this if they are looking for a dramatic change to their appearance by whitening their teeth as caps and implants may look out of place if they are not careful.

Some people claim that the hydrogen peroxide contained in whitening products damage the tooth enamel. Other claims state that whitening procedures are not so different from household cleaning products. The truth is that teeth whitening treatment is not harmful to the tooth enamel. Whitening procedures are safe for teeth, and they don’t cause tooth sensitivity.

 It is important not to let myths deter a person from getting the beautiful smile that they desire. When it comes to teeth whitening, a patient should make sure that they get professional advice from a trusted and qualified dentist for appropriate treatment. Patients should also not forget to maintain proper hygiene after the procedure, for lasting results.