Are you looking for a way to fill those gaps in your smile? Look no further!

Having missing teeth or gaps in your mouth isn’t fun. But it isn’t something that you need to put up with for much longer. With dental implants in Richmond you can say goodbye to feeling insecure about your teeth, or thinking that your smile isn’t good enough.

Where can I get them?

There are many local dentists in London just waiting to give you the smile of your dreams. For those who work in the city or are there for most of their week, visiting a dentist in the urban area can save time, considering you are already there for your career. Forget having to drive to the centre – walk or get a tube during your lunch hour or after your shift! It has never been easier to save yourself time and money.

Why are dental implants good?

For those missing teeth, whether this be due to illness, bad oral hygiene, or simply a sporting accident, they are now the new way to get that fuller, younger looking smile. They work by a friendly, dental implant professional fitting little titanium screws into your gums and jaw until they mesh together, in a quick and seamless process. Once fitted, bridges and crowns are then able to be fixed onto them, allowing you to attain that rich, youthful looking full smile you used to have as a child.

Why should I get them?

Losing teeth can cause the surrounding cells and tissue in your gums to reabsorb, causing your face to get that ageing, sunken and hollow look around your cheeks. This is a look that some people struggle with, and they can spend immense efforts in attempting to get youthful looking cheeks again, through creams, serums, moisturisers, and sometimes even surgery. Make these solutions a problem of the past. The clever and easy process of having implants fitted into your mouth encourages the cells and tissue in your jaw to regenerate and start working again. Save yourself the money on expensive ideas of getting your cheeks full and vibrant again. Go to the root of the problem and fill your mouth back up again to its natural, maximum capacity of teeth that you should be sporting. You deserve it.

Are they painful?

Always being fitted under local anaesthetic, you never need to worry about any nasty or jolting shocks to your mouth. This is a quick and simple method, it is essential to the dentists who perform this work that you feel calm and reassured. To ensure this, many places also offer calming techniques so you can feel more relaxed about the process, and not worried about the situation at hand. This can include intravenous or inhalation sedation, which will make sure that, whilst awake and aware of your surroundings, you will be put at ease and feel more calm and secure whilst getting your implants fitted.

With the whole process only taking on average 3 to 9 months, there really is no excuse not to get back that healthy, rounder and fuller smile that you used to have as a child. Everyone deserves the feeling of being proud of their teeth!