A Full And Complete Smile Again

For those individuals who have lost some of their teeth, there is an option available that can ensure that their smile can remain full and complete. This option is dental implants in St John’s Wood, and has been around for many decades to ensure the functionality and stability of people’s teeth and jaw bones.

A popular choice, dentists recommend this treatment quite often as there is a very high success and satisfaction rate.  One of the reasons behind the success is the well researched and proven materials that are used.

A titanium rod is specifically chosen to implant because it has properties that allow it to fuse to the jaw bone.  Without this, an implant would unlikely be as successful.  With this fusion, patients can rely on the implant to act just like a natural tooth root, as long as they continue to care for their implant and practice good oral hygiene to avoid infection at the site.

These implants can last for decades, making them a long term, and often permanent, solution to missing teeth.  By speaking to a dentist to determine suitability for this procedure, patients can understand whether they will be able to enjoy one of the many different ways in which having a tooth implant can improve their smile.

There are some factors that can affect success rates

Many of these factors are based on an individual’s overall health, and that is why it is so important to discuss any underlying health concerns that a patient has to determine suitability for this treatment.

One of the most important areas of a person’s body that needs to be healthy is their gums. Those who have gum disease are informed that they must have this under control before continuing this treatment as this can greatly increase the likelihood of infection at the site of the implant.

A dentist will certainly guide their patient through the appropriate steps in order to manage any gum disease.  There is no reason why they cannot continue on with completing their smile once this is under control.  Dentists are always eager to help their patients to improve their smiles.

Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the health of an individual’s jaw bone.  Jaw bone generally deteriorates with age, causing it to recede, and is often responsible for sunken cheeks. This natural receding of the jaw bone is accelerated when a person has missing teeth or has been using dentures for several years.

Dentures are unable to stimulate the jaw bone as a natural tooth root does.  This is often why patients come in with complaints of their dentures slipping in their mouths.

There is no reason why patients who have experienced some bone loss are not able to go through with this implant procedure.  They may be advised that they need a sinus lift or bone graft which involves using animal, synthetic, or human bone to add volume to the jaw, giving the implant something to fuse to.

Although more complex and longer, this is a viable option for people who would like the security and freedom that having tooth implants can offer.